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Personal, ethical, and discrete shopping and delivery service.  Service with purpose and passion.

How Is Store2Door/Preble Different From "Other" Shopping Services? 

Store2Door is a locally owned and operated business. Our clients choose what business they desire their purchases to be made. Other delivery services (Instacart and Shipt) charge over a dozen various undisclosed and membership fees – Store2Door charges one shopping and delivery fee and a suggested gratuity fee (clients determine the final gratuity fee).

Our clients receive the original paper store receipt (other companies provide customers with an adjusted electronic receipt which is much different than the original store receipt).

When necessary, Store2Door will shop from additional stores (no extra charge) in an attempt to fulfill the client's shopping list. Orders can be made through our secure phone app, email, text, or in writing. 

Compare Our Fees & Services

Local purchases, our shopping & delivery fee is $15 and a suggested gratuity of 15% of the order. A credit card processing fee may be charged by some financial institutions. We have several on-going promotional discounts. No membership, mileage, heavy item, alcohol, or other fees. If the client desires a purchase from a non-local business (Sam’s Club, Costco, etc) an additional travel expense may apply.

Local restaurant deliveries are $12 in addition to the actual food purchase.  Local curbside deliveries - $12.00.

Hours Of Operation

We accept orders 24 hours daily with delivery between 8 am and 8 pm every day the store is open. NOTE: Severe weather and power outages will affect our ability to provide service. If a school district is closed or delayed or if a weather warning is announced – these are good indicators that our services may be delayed until safe travel is possible. Always call if you have questions.

Committed to Customer Service 

Our customers expect & deserve safe and fresh food. Three times a day; the shopper is given a health self-assessment including temperature checks. Before entering the store, the shopper cleans the cart and the trunk of the delivery vehicle with a commercial-grade non-scented disinfectant.

Masks are worn and the shopper's hands are first washed, sanitized, gloved and the gloves sanitized. Meats and produce are placed in separate food-grade plastic bags. The handwashing/gloving routine is repeated before leaving the store. Our shoppers are not smokers and pets are not permitted in the delivery vehicle.

Why do we go to this extreme? In a recent OHIO study, grocery store shopping carts and hand baskets had 270 times more bacteria than toilet handles. Produce found at grocery stores tested positive for 30 times more bacteria than found in the bottom of a pet food bowl. 72% of supermarket grocery carts test positive for fecal matter and 52% test positive from deadly germs like E.coli and salmonella.    

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